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Gold Investing

Why invest in Gold? As an investor there are endless opportunities available when it comes to adding to your portfolio. From stocks and shares, to real estate, cryptocurrencies to fine art you can follow your interests or follow the crowd, go for the new and the high risk or play it safe.

Gold is most definitely an established market. It’s one of mankind’s longest-standing precious assets, our love for this shining metal dating back to the dawn of civilization.

A recent study by J.P. Morgan Asset Management has shown gold to be clear winner in terms of annual return compared to a wide range of traditional investments, beating most markets by a considerable margin

Silver Investing

Why invest in Silver? As an investor you already have an enormous choice of investments when it’s time to add to your portfolio. Most of us are already invested in the usual blue-chip stocks and bonds, or derivatives, ETFs and mutual funds. A number have made a killing or agonizing losses in the in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

And then we’ve got some of the oldest highest-value assets known to man: precious metals (including silver)

As a wealth-protecting asset silver has a proven history, typically helping to protect assets against inflation and safeguarding against financial market losses by acting as a market hedge.

Bitcoin Investing

Why invest in Bitcoin? The main benefits of Bitcoin for an investor are the potential profits the cryptocurrency can generate over both the short and the long term. Add to this profits where if the Bitcoin is held correctly can be tax-free, and you have a recipe for some exciting gains no matter what time period you’re looking at.

Bitcoin has been around for almost 11 years now and in that time has gone from an oddball nerd-money novelty to a major financial powerhouse.

Riding the Bitcoin wave has made a lot of people a lot of money, but greed for high returns has also cost a few more than they bargained for.